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Anyway, all YOU need is an email and a massive imagination...

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If you love minions from Despicable Me, this is the Home of Your Favourite Website.
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Hello guys and sorry for the late post, my computer was a bit explosive but oh well. A new movie named minions is coming out REALLY soon and I am buzzing with excitement! We have done so very well so congratulations guys on another great soon-to-be BLOCKBUSTER! Check out BLOG in the toolbar above for more amazing updates on this new movie PLUS trailer and also new minion movies are up in videos plus the trailer so go see!

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Well, minion, you are on Homepage of the Minion Community website.
If you look at the toolbar thing at the top, there are also other stuff. The 'Blog' is where there are questions, news and how-to-make-random-stuff-you-will-never-try-out-like-on-those-art-shows. The Forums are where you can talk about bananas, but please be sensible!
There are also the Photos page and the Videos page where you can upload/look at videos or pictures of minions.
The Members page is where you can view other minions :)
And...that is it...for NOW!
My name is Dave.
This is me.
I am the head of minions and I decided to create a meeting place for minions everywhere.

That place is this website...minioncommunity.webs.com

View my blog and my profile and whatever. As I am a minion, I will update you on all minion news wherever, whenever.

Okay, that's the boring speech thing out of the way...


The haps... what's popular?

The blog so far has lots of craft ideas and competitions and stuff to check out! You can make minion bookmarks and kinder surprise mini mions as well as plenty of print-out goggles and mazes and dress-ups etc so CHECK IT OUT!

Mobile Minions?

Hey minions! I'm used to playing around with bombs and evil stuff, so I created the minioncommunity.webs.com MOBILE WEBSITE!!! OMG. Now you can access your favourite website for FREE on your mobile phone or tablet. Wow. Aren't I SMART.