Hello! Can you hear me?


Good, good. Now, welcome to the newly opened lab! Yay! One lazy day I will work out how to close this web page for only members but until then, ENJOY UNTIL. No point really, seeing as you all are OBVIOUSLY minion members but sucks to be those who aren't.

Now, exclusive gossip, glamour and other stuff await for all you lucky minions. Here we have fancy stuff and all sorts of news and stuff. Let's start with an update. So hang around, experiment. Do whatever the hell and there are cool widgets around the mess around with. ENJOY!

Wonder what that fancy blue button above means? Well, I have discovered a new game to play where you can make yourself a minion! Click on it and save your finished product and make it as a profile picture!!! AMAZEBANANANAS. Wow. So have a go at it and tell us what you think.


Carl (a fellow minion) has earned the title of ADMINISTRATOR! Well done!  You have now got the ADMINISTRATOR title and you are the first minion to do so. To be honest, I don't know how it all works but it looks fancy! Tell your parents! Tell your friends! Tell your school! Tell your workplace! Tell the world and CNN and the BBC wherever you come from in the world. Carl has worked extremely hard this... year time so congrats! Carl is a very important member on our board and will decide and edit stuff. What stuff? I dunno.

Facebook Minions?

Social media has really got out of hand. We like it when things go out of hand! So now, we are currently working on a FACEBOOK PAGE so when it is up, like it and suggest and write and all that jazz. Hopefully, we can gather a bigger minion army and sail the seven seas! 


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